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These Ribbons Brave the Weather

When you think of thermal transfer print, the first thing that comes to mind are product labels, which are stored in a sheltered way together with the products to which they stick. Or one may think of logistics labels, which might have to stand a few raindrops and scratches, but which are hardly exposed to other harmful influences.

However, there are also print applications that are exposed to extreme weather conditions on a long-term basis. One example are large cable spools, which are stored outdoors both when used and when not needed. Another example is sign printing. Especially in the case of warning signs, the print image must not fade out even under strong insolation. Besides the print must withstand big temperature differences between night and day, summer and winter – to say nothing of any percentage of humidity right up to heavy rains.

Another big outdoor topic is GHS labelling of hazardous substances. In addition to the requirement of weatherability, the print must be resistant against the contact with chemicals and in some cases, sea water.

For these cases of application, CALOR|RTT developed thermal transfer ribbons containing special highly-resistant colour pigments. Print samples in red on PVC label stock were sent in to a certified independent laboratory, which applied a strict test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11341. By means of strong lamps, the test simulates in abbreviated form the long-term impact to which the print would be exposed in the open. After successfully passing the test, the UV-resistant and weatherproof ribbon was included in the range of products.

Our outdoor qualities all belong to the product group resin / flat-head.