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For all products, material safety datasheets (MSDS) according to the current international guidelines are available on request.



Upon request we provide you with material safety datasheets (MSDS) for all our products in accordance with standard international directives.

Heavy Metals

The concentration of heavy metals in our thermal transfer ribbons is negligible and always lies below the applicable EU norms (e.g. 2002/95/EC RoHs) for the use of dangerous materials.


In accordance with the applicable norms, our ribbons contain no health-endangering materials.

Contact with foodstuffs

Some of our qualities have been tested for suitability of use on materials that come into contact with foodstuff and are approved by the ISEGA test institute. Please contact our sales team for further questions.


The Underwriter Laboratories (UL) are responsible for certifying thermal transfer printed labels in the USA. The checks include the readability and durability of bar codes. UL certified labels are very important for the export of electric devices and machines to North America. A number of wax/resin and resin qualities from our product range are ULcertified on numerous label materials from 3M, FLEXCON and FASSON exist. For further information contact our sales team.


Thermal transfer ribbon is considered as an "article that can release substances" (the
printing ink) according to the REACH regulation. The transferred printing ink therefore is subject to the REACH regulation (but not the polyester base film). We contacted all the concerned suppliers and we could be insured that the assigned substances and preparations have been pre-registered resp. will be registered - situation may 2009. Please contact our sales team for further questions.


In principle thermal transfer ribbons have a long shelf-life. We guarantee that when
stored correctly (temperature 5 - 35° centigrade, relative humidity: 30 - 80%) our ribbons remain in perfect condition for use up to one year.


Thermal transfer ribbons are not recyclable. However, they do not break down and release no substances into the environment. Due to the chemical composition, they present no danger to the water table or atmosphere. For this reason, they can be disposed of as mixed industrial waste. Due to the high energy content we recommend incineration.