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Thermal wax transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons for flat-head printers

Premium Wax-Grade Quality for Universal Use

T 143 Sw

Wax-Grade thermal transfer ribbon enhanced with artificial resins for a great variety of applications

Standard wax grade quality with a higher resistance

T 150 Sw

Standard wax grade quality with a higher resistance. It has a broad range of application on all flat-head printers

Highly Sensitive and Dark Standard Wax-Grade Quality

T 151 Sw

Wax-grade thermal transfer ribbon with high sensitivity and excellent resolution.

The Standard Wax-Grade Quality

T 152 Sw

The mother-of-all thermal transfer ribbons for standard applications on paper.

The Premium Quality among the Wax-Based Thermal Transfer Ribbons

T 154 Sw

A premium wax-grade quality enhanced with artificial resins with excellent printing properties for universal use on all flat-head printers

Special Premium Wax+ Quality with Good Smear Resistance

T 308 Sw

Wax-grade thermal transfer ribbon for use on a great number of different materials with good smear resistance

Thermal transfer ribbons for near-edge printers

Wax-Grade Thermal Transfer Ribbon for High-Contrast Print

N 102 Sw

Dark near-edge wax-grade quality for good print results on paper labels