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Wax thermal transfer ribbons

T 154 Sw

T 154 Sw is a premium wax grade quality with a high proportion of resin components for exceptional print results. It has a broad range of applications on all flat-head printers, e.g. CAB, Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, Sato, Valentin, Zebra, etc.


  • High density print image
  • High resolution for printing small characters and fine lines
  • Exceptional barcode quality for one- and two-dimensional codes
  • Good results for horizontal or ladder bar-codes
  • Good smear and scratch resistance
  • Prints on various printers without changing the settings
  • Very high sensitivity, which will save printing heads
  • High flexibility, very good results on various label stocks, from vellum to plastic films


  • Product labelling, shipping and logistic labels
  • High quality labels with good durability
  • Suitable for high printing speed


  • Vellum, matt- and gloss-coated paper and cardboard, cast-coated paper like Chromolux
  • PE, PP, PET and other synthetic films
  • Good for pre-printed difficult label surfaces

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ISEGA Certificate of Compliance