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Print image

Print image

The quality of the print image is the first thing to be evaluated in a printing. The criteria are contrast, marginal sharpness of the printed elements, the even print over the whole length and width of the lable, the correct print even of small letters and fine lines and the readability of bar codes. The quality of a print image is influenced by a lot of aspects, e.g.:

  • Type of printer
  • Thermaltransfer-printer head (resolution)
  • Settings (energy, speed, pressure)
  • Type of ribbon
  • Material of label (smoothness, surface, possibly pre- or surface print, lacquer, top-coats)
  • Printed motive

If the motive of a label consists of many different elements (bar codes in length and width, fat black areas next to smallest letters and so on), only a low speed can guarantee the same quality of the print.