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Resin near-edge thermal transfer ribbons

N 955 Grey

N 955 Ga is a resin quality in grey. The ink guarantees a high sensibility and flexibility and is compatible with all near-edge printers like Avery, Toshiba-TEC, Valentin etc.


  • High opacity
  • High resolution, good printing of small characters and fine lines
  • High sensitivity for increased print-head life
  • Very flexible, good results on various label stock
  • Customer specific colours can be developed if a minimum quantity of 10.000 m² is reached


  • Highligthing of important information
  • Suitable for high quality labels in corporate colour

Recommended Label Stock

  • Gloss-coated paper, cast-coated paper like Chromolux
  • Synthetic films like PE, PP, PVC with matt or gloss surfaces, corona-treated or with suitable top-coats

Data sheet and standard articles

Material Safety Data Sheet