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Resin thermal transfer ribbons

N 544 Sw

N 544 Sw is a resin quality for near-edge printers which can be used universally on a wide range of materials. It shows a high mechanical resistance also at higher temperatures.


  • Excellent print quality, high optical density
  • Universally usable on a large number of materials
  • Gives also good results on vellum and coated paper
  • Very sensitive and also suitable for flat-head printers
  • Extremely resistant against smearing and scratching, also at higher temperatures


  • Durable product marking with high demands on the print's resistance (e. g. in steam)
  • Type plates
  • Direct print on packaging films


  • Smooth, coated papers, cast-coated papers, like Chromolux, but also standard calendered papers and vellum
  • Synthetic films, such as PET, PS, PE, PP, PVC with matt or glossy surface, corona treatment or suitable topcoat

Data sheet

Material safety data sheet

ISEGA Certificate of Compliance