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Resin thermal transfer ribbons

T 845 Sw

T 845 Sw is a black resin quality for printing on plastic cards featuring an enormous mechanical and heat resistance. UL Certificate on certain label stock.


  • Very good resistance against smearing, scratching and environmental influences
  • Extraordinary resistance against high temperatures
  • Very good resistance against white spirit, diesel oil, motor oil, Skydrol, IPA and brake fluid


  • Especially suited for printing on PVC cards
  • A print that requires good resistance and longevity, like type plates, inventory or traceability labels


  • Primarily suited for printing on PVC cards
  • Also highly recommendable for type plates and other identification labels
  • Synthetic materials, like PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC, acetate, with gloss or matt surface and suitable topcoats 
  • Does not print on paper

Product data

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