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Resin transfer ribbons


Resist+ is a versatile resin quality that can be used for all kinds of label materials. The printed image has an excellent resistance. Designed for flat-head printers, but will also work at lower speed on near-edge printers.


  • Resin ribbon that achieves a high optical density especially on synthetic surfaces
  • Designed for flat-head printers, but works also on near-edge printers at lower speed and on selected materials
  • Good sensitivity which ensures print-head longevity
  • Good mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Good resistance against alcohol and other chemical products


  • Labelling of products; suitable for all applications where a good resistance is required
  • Type plates


  • Smooth matt- or gloss-coated paper, cast-coated paper, like Chromolux
  • Synthetic films, like PET, PS, PE, PP, PVC, with matt or gloss surface, with corona treatment or suitable topcoat

Data sheet and standard articles

Material safety data sheet

ISEGA Certificate of Compliance