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Wax/Resin transfer ribbons


DIRECT is a wax/resin near-edge quality, very well adapted for direct printing systems and packaging foils (e.g. SmartDate, Videojet, Easyprint, OpenDate, Allen aso.), but also for all Near-edge printers and label materials (e.g. Avery, Toshiba TEC aso.)


  • Suitable for direct printing systems and all label Near-edge printers
  • Highly flexible, very good results on various packaging foils and label materials
  • High resolution and high speed
  • Superior smear and scratch resistance
  • Very high sensitivity, which will save printing heads


  • Very well adapted for direct printing and packaging foils, even under adverse conditions (humid, hot or cold) in the food industry
  • Product identification, expiration dates aso.
  • Suitable for high quality labels with good resistance
  • Suitable for very high printing speeds of more than 600 mm/s


  • Vellum, matt- and gloss-coated papers - cardboard materials
  • PE, PP, PET and other synthetic films, matt or gloss
  • Packaging foils in food industry, pharma industry aso.

Data sheet and standard articles

Material safety data sheet

ISEGA Certificate of Compliance