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Wax/Resin transfer ribbons


PERFECT is one of the very best wax resin grade ribbons on the market. We just call it "perfect", it will suit ideally all label printers and direct printing systems with near-edge printing heads, e.g. Avery, TEC, Easyprint, Smart Date, Allen etc.


  • All round, highly flexible wax/resin quality with very broad application spectrum on almost all near edge printers and label materials
  • Very high resolution even at high speed
  • Dark black printed image and good contrast
  • Superior smear and scratch resistance
  • Very high sensitivity, which will save printing heads


  • High quality labels for durable product identification
  • Very well adapted for direct printing systems and packaging foils. Will still print under adverse conditions like refrigerated halls, etc.
  • Suitable for very high printing speeds (up to 600 mm/s in direct printing systems)


  • Vellum, matt- and gloss-coated paper, cast-coated paper like Chromolux
  • Cardboard materials, matt or gloss
  • Synthetic films : PE, PP, PVC, matt or gloss, with corona treatment or suitable top coat
  • Good results on direct printing systems for packaging foils in the food industry.

Data sheet and standard articles

Material safety data sheet

ISEGA Certificate of Compliance