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Thermaltransfer Ribbon

Thermaltransfer Ribbon

Consists of a 4,5 µ strong polyester foil, which on side is covered with a minimum of one 2 - 4 µ strong layer, sensitive to heat, and on the other side with a back-coating.

Different contingents of wax, artificial resin, colour pigments (for black: grim particles) and additives give the thermal transfer colour its attributes:

  • Transferability (dependent on composition, melting point and viscosity)
  • Printability and adhesion on different kind of materials
  • Resistance of the printout against mechanical and chemical influence, heat and UV radiation
  • Optical thickness

Further coatings can come to the own layer, such as

  • Release layer (eases the dissolution of the layer) and
  • Top-coat (specifies the connection of the layer with the labelling material). The very thin backside coating on a silicon base has to accomplish 3 prerequisites
  • Burn-out protection of the polyester foil
  • Decrease of electrostatic charge
  • Improves sliding attribute