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Resin thermal transfer ribbons

T 741 Sw

T 741 Sw is a resin quality with extremely high heat resistance (up to 180°C) and a gigh smear and scratch resistance.


  • Excellent print on coated paper
  • Great heat resistance (up to 180° C)
  • Good resistance against certain chemicals, like motor oil, gasoline, brake fluid, Skydrol (aerospace industry), white spirit


  • Print that has to be resistant against indirect heat, like steam iron or shrink tunnel
  • Applications where the already labelled product is sterilised or cooked
  • Applications requiring good resistance and longevity


  • Especially suited for paper surfaces
  • Coated papers as well as synthetic materials (e. g. PE, PP, PVC, acetate) with smooth or gloss surface and suitable topcoats
  • Textile labels

Data sheet

Material safety data sheet